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Precut Stainless Steel Shim
Rotational Alignment Technologies is proud to be New Zealand distributor of OZISHIM pre-cut Stainless Steel shimming systems.

OziShim pre-cut Stainless Steel shim


 table of dimensions for standard Ozi-Shims


Product Benefits

  • Save $ and time with OziShim.
  • Highest quality Stainless Steel shim stock.
  • Clearly marked thicknesses in Metric and Imperial. Markings are laser etched and therefore will not be erased as would ink. 
  • No burrs, sharp edges or distortion.
  • Higher, wider slots. No "Bolt Pull".
  • 5 standard sizes, 13 thicknesses held in stock.
  • Super tough ABS boxes with dedicated metric and imperial marked dividers for easy shim location and stock auditing.
  • Unique patented handling tab that enables one handed shim pack stacking by grasping the throat of the tabs between thumb and forefinger. (view a demonstration)


Availability, Price and Ordering
View Stock & Prices of the full range of SS316 rolled shim stock, OziShim Packs, Shim Boxed Sets, Combination Boxed Sets and empty boxes for you to fill as your budget allows. You can place your Order Online, or Contact Rotational Alignment Technologies sales.

complete shim sets in ABS cases




Shim packs A B C D and E

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Shim packs A B C D and E

 316 stainless steel rolled stock sold per metre  complete shim sets in ABS cases


Additional Products
For additional products such as sizes F (150 x150), G (130 x 200), H (150 x 300)
and Custom Made Shim
Contact RAT sales TODAY

custom made shim to order


super sized shim atop a pallet of Ozi-Shim