RAT references

Rotational Alignment Technologies has a large loyal clientbase, many of whom have endorsed RAT as their Preferred Supplier of shaft alignment products and services.

“10 years ago we were experiencing poor to modest MTBF (mean time between failure) life on many of our open drive machines. We made the decision to engage RAT to align all of the machines in question and have subsequently seen a large improvement in the MTBF on these machines. Some indeed are still running 10 years on without the need for rebuild.
In my experience ensuring any open drive machines are correctly aligned is one of the most beneficial processes we implement and has a significant ROI (return on investment).”
Peter Benyon
Brewing Maintenance Manager
DB Breweries Ltd

If you require a reference from a specific industry, please contact Rotational Alignment Technologies and we will arrange for a RAT client from your industry sector to supply a reference.

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